YETI Baseball Club

High School Fall Instructional Series


High School Fall Instructional Series

YETI Baseball Club's Fall High School Instructional Series will run weekly from Sunday September 15th - October 20th. 


The weekly workouts will be led by Coach Ryan Bennett (Director of Baseball Instruction) and Brad Dydalewicz (Director of Pitching), as well as other members of the YBC staff who will provide the instruction and positive environment needed to develop each individual player.


Instructors will be at St. Stephen's from 9 AM - 12:00 PM every Sunday.  Each player should expect to work out for at least 2 hours.  Depending on the amount of participants we may provide staggered workout times so that each player can get the maximum amount of instruction.  This program will be limited to 20 players. 

Each player will receive a significant amount of repetitions specific to their position. 


 - Hitters will work on swing path, vision, and approach 

 - Infielders will focus on footwork, hand positioning, and proper body alignment 

 - Catchers will block balls, learn and repeat proper footwork mechanics, and work on pop time throwing to 2nd base. 

 - Outfielders will work on proper angles. Practice working forward on pop ups, correct footwork on ground balls.

 - Pitchers - will do dry work, throw bullpens and throw in controlled scrimmages.  Strong focus on ability to throw change ups for a strike.  




Please direct questions to:

Ryan Bennett

Ryan Bennett

Director of Baseball Instruction