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2019 Winter YETI Off-Season Program

Welcome to the 2019 Winter YETI Baseball Club Off-Season Program!


This program will be 3 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), starting on January 7th and ending January 31st. It will run from 6:30-8:15 every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the YETI Baseball Club facility.


This program will consist of fundamental baseball training which includes hitting, fielding, pitching, and catching. We will be incorporating drills as well as live reps from our paid YBC coaching staff. We will also be working on speed/agility and strength/recovery with every player as a part of each session. Our coaching staff will be recording measurable numbers such as exit velocity off of a tee, throwing velocity, foot speed, etc. in order to track your player's progress throughout the program. In order to earn maximum progress, we highly advise that your player attends all 3 sessions per week.


The cost of the program will be $300. Please bring a check written out to YETI Baseball Club to the first session that your son attends.


We look forward to seeing everyone out there!



Please direct questions to:


Brad Dydalewicz


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